Sunday, March 3, 2019


PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral
   Living Coral emits the desired, familiar, and energizing aspects of color found in nature. In its glorious, yet unfortunately more elusive, display beneath the sea, this vivifying and effervescent color mesmerizes the eye and mind. Lying at the center of our naturally vivid and chromatic ecosystem, PANTONE Living Coral is evocative of how coral reefs provide shelter to a diverse kaleidoscope of color.

About Pantone Color of the Year---  For 20 years, Pantone’s Color of the Year has influenced product development and purchasing decisions in multiple industries, including fashion, home furnishings, and industrial design, as well as product, packaging, and graphic design.


    The Color of the Year selection process requires thoughtful consideration and trend analysis. To arrive at the selection each year, Pantone’s color experts at the Pantone Color Institute comb the world looking for new color influences. This can include the entertainment industry and films in production, traveling art collections and new artists, fashion, all areas of design, popular travel destinations, as well as new lifestyles, playstyles, and socio-economic conditions. Influences may also stem from new technologies, materials, textures, and effects that impact color, relevant social media platforms and even upcoming sporting events that capture worldwide attention.

About The Pantone Color Institute  --   The Pantone Color Institute is the business unit within Pantone that highlights top seasonal runway colors, forecasts global color trends, and advises companies on color for product and brand visual identity. Through seasonal trend forecasts, color psychology, and color consulting, the Pantone Color Institute partners with global brands to leverage the power, psychology, and emotion of color in their design strategy.

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Thursday, February 7, 2019

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens. . .

"Never doubt
that a small group
of thoughtful, 
committed citizens
can change the world;
it's the only thing
that ever has!"

~ Margaret Meade~

this quote deserves repeating . . .

Thursday, January 17, 2019

QUESTION for the MONTH . . .What's Your Word for the Year?

What’s your word of the year?

A kind of catalyst for you to:
  • get you through each day
  • to fulfill a goal
  • provide inspiration . . .

I encourage you to share your word. 
with your friends and family.

 or post it here.

You can just provide your word or elaborate on why you chose it. 
What you share most likely will help others.

Friday, April 13, 2018

We Don't Know What We Don't Know

   What we know consists of what we have been taught, observed, experienced, read about, a combination of wisdom and knowledge.  Each of us as individuals have a unique knowledge and understanding of the world based on all of this.  No two people have a collection of the same information inside them.  Our attitude and perspective adds color to who we are, what we know and how we respond to the world around us. 
   We internalize things in our own way too.  Some bottle it up and it explodes unexpected, sometimes hurting others as well as themselves.  Some react without thinking, and that too can cause regret.  Still others have that slow, taking in and letting it settle before responding, sometimes missing the opportunity to respond at all then frustrated that they hadn’t and keep going over in their head if only I’d said ….   At times, if the situation seems to hit a nerve, the response is passionate and heartfelt and can be loving or rage.  Some people have the gift to access the situation and act upon it with grace and ease.  I envy those people and wish I was one of them. 
   Our collection of knowledge and wisdom is our arsenal for dealing with everything in our lives, but it’s important to acknowledge that it’s impossible to know EVERYTHING, no one person does and that we need to be open to expanding our awareness beyond what we already know because we don’t know what we don’t know until we know it.  Francis Bacon is quoted to say “Knowledge is power.”  The more you know the better for you in making more informed decisions.  At one time you may make a statement and believe it as truth with all your heart.  Years later you cringe at that very statement because over the years you have learned and experienced life that expanded your perception and you now believe something totally different.  It’s okay.  At each stage of your life, you came from who you are at that given moment in your moment of truth.  Nothing is set in stone.  We evolve.  At least I hope we do.  It’s sad to watch people who THINK they know everything and close their mind beyond their own bubble of information in their head. 
   But Einstein also said that “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”  That may ease the thought that you can’t know everything.  It’s our imagination that allows us to come up with things that haven’t been yet … creating something new.  The greatest discoveries have come from failure and re-imagining what caused it.  Our imagination is a toolbox of unlimited possibilities to pull from when we don’t know what we don’t know.  Sometimes it’s a good thing that you don’t know what you don’t know when you are trying to create something new, better, revolutionary.  Side Note:  Those who are compelled to delve into the creative process and find themselves into new territory, often come up against such opposition that it’s a real struggle to keep going, which is the hardest part of creating something that hasn’t been before.  Finding others who understand, let alone support you is rare and most think you’re wasting your time or are a little bit crazy.  I know this is easy to say but hard to do but, hang in there and don’t give up.  Seriously.
   Sometimes we don’t know what WE DO KNOW!  Have you ever been in a situation where no one seems to know what to do and you instinctively step in and handle it without any thought?  That’s where our intuitive powers (gut instincts) kick into gear.  We absorb so much each and every day from every little thing that touches our lives, both consciously and unconsciously and it all becomes a part of us at different levels.  That statement could be an entire subject to explore but right now it’s to make the point that what we are exposed to -- beauty and horror, both are part of the make-up of who we are.  It’s important to understand that we need to be more aware of what we choose to expose ourselves to have in our lives because there are also plenty of things that we see or experience that we rather we didn’t. 
   The point I am making is that if we realize we don’t know what we don’t know, we can open ourselves to knowing more, accepting that we don’t know everything but that we can always learn, do and be more because we are now aware of the fact that we can’t know everything.  And sometimes, not knowing can give us an edge when it comes to innovation because we are using our intuitive faculties along with our knowledge to create something that doesn’t exist in the physical world yet.
   In my workshops and what I firmly believe is that it is not only important but essential that we use both sides of our brain -- the analytical and the intuitive in every part of our lives.  The analytical takes what we do know and makes sense of it and the intuitive derives from the unconscious to instinctively know without thought and allows ourselves to go beyond who we are and open us to who we can become. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Where Do I Start?

   Have you been wanting to take an idea, project, burning desire and make it happen?   But instead it sits collecting dust because no matter how excited you are about it, taking that first step can be like leaping off a cliff.
   We (I include myself) tend to put it on the back burner for later claiming we don’t have the time, too much that has to be done, wondering if it’s worth pursuing.   We’ll think about it when we have more time.
   More time, that’s a laugh.  Who ever says “Wow!  I have so much time on my hands, what should I do?”  Our lives seem to be on stress mode until we fall asleep and I’m not even sure we get a break then.
   Giving yourself time to do things you enjoy tends to bring on feelings of guilt and/or frustration because of everything else pulling at you.  That’s because the thought of working on it, no matter how much you want to do it, feels overwhelming.  It is so HEALTHY to take that time to do the things you are drawn to that can enrich your life.
Often it’s because we don’t know where to start.   

   Maybe start by scheduling a Solo Play Date once a week (as suggested in The Artist Way by Julia Cameron), just to take your mind off the day to day.  As you relax, that’s when the good stuff starts rising to the surface, revelations, ideas about your ideas, and just plain fun happens.  Schedule it in your calendar and do not cancel it.  Make it a priority.  From there add time a few days a week, even if it’s only a half hour at a time to imagine the possibilities for your project and make notes.
   It can be helpful to join a group to keep you on track and accountable to make it happen.    When discussing ideas, concerns, choices out loud with others, pay attention how you express yourself and you may discover insight about yourself.  Those you are sharing with can provide encouragement, a new perspective when feeling stuck, name your strengths, motivate each other to keep moving forward, be a sounding board.

 Sometimes the best way to get going is to take a deep breath then step out of your comfort zone and take a leap of faith. 

Magic happens.

Monday, November 20, 2017

November 24 is Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day

   “Everyone has a unique talent or skill at which they truly excel.
   Today is the day to embrace those quirky abilities and show them off to everyone else.” Check out the awesome picture above. Have you ever seen anything like it before?
   Kind of like the many hands that make one face, we are all part of a large, puzzle called the Universe, with millions of pieces, each one shaped different from the next. Your piece is special, with it‟s own colors, design, personality, style. Without your piece, the puzzle cannot be whole or complete.
   Often, we look at others and think, wow, they are so talented. I wish I could do that, be like that, look like that, thought of that. Don't sell yourself short. It‟s not always easy to recognize our own special abilities because they come so naturally, it‟s a part of us we rarely notice. Others notice and they are saying, I wish I could be like you.
   Give yourself a break and think about what you love, what gives you pleasure, and what do you get so caught up in you lose all sense of time and place. Whatever that is nourishes your unique talents.    So when someone compliments you, they see your specialness. 
   On Friday, November 24th, the day after Thanksgiving, take a moment or the whole day to continue being thankful for your one-of-a-kind, unique talents only you possess. You deserve it.


Friday, October 13, 2017

A Fun Way To Celebrate Life ... BE CREATIVE


“You can’t use up CREATIVITY, the more you use, the more you have.”   ~Maya Angelou~

   Being Creative can mean something different for each of us.  Most people associate creativity with the arts but it’s so much more.
   The moment you wake up you create your day.  When you go to work, you constantly create – making decisions, setting up meetings, writing status reports, etc.  When making dinner, you create a meal.
  Being Creative is what you do every moment of every day.  The question is:  How do you see yourself Being Creative?
   My own journey started at five years old when my parents enrolled me into an art class.  They were told I had ‘potential.’  I loved getting lost in the process, slipping into an alternate world, unaware of time and place.
   My Mom and I watched a craft show on TV every day, it was kind of a ritual.  Watching the expert take pieces of different materials, cutting shapes, gluing, learning new techniques, as we created fun things to decorate our home or give as gifts.  It fascinated me how you could create something out of a pile of “stuff.”  I was able to make really cool, fun gifts for my family out of scraps (at that age money was not an option).

   Between the fascination of watching others create and my own experiences, by the age of nine I was obsessed with BEING CREATIVE!  I had an endless stream of ideas I wanted to make happen.  People talk about “getting inspired,” or needing to be in the right mood in order to Be Creative so I wanted to know how to get to that place whenever I wanted instead of waiting for the mood to strike.  I spent that summer, going to the library at least once a week or more in the pursuit of understanding and harnessing that creative energy.  I know, weird for a nine year old but I was motivated to discover the secret.   I was surprised to learn there were no books on creativity only craft and how to books.  So I decided I should study how the brain functions and how it processes creativity then I could be creative all day.  The books were, of course, adult level and difficult to comprehend but I scanned through book after book, checked the back index and nowhere was the word CREATIVE ever present.
   Undeterred by my ineffective pursuit of the secret behind the creative process and wanting to help children with muscular dystrophy (Jerry’s Kid’s), I planned a fair to raise money for that charity.  I designed all the games, physically made them, found businesses to donate prizes, advertised the event and encouraged the neighborhood kids to volunteer to help with the games. 
   By the time I entered fourth grade, I was unstoppable.  I wrote a play, conducted casting calls and rehearsals, directed the play and yes even starred in it.  Everyone wanted to be in my plays.  I continued my art classes, performed in numerous dance recitals and shows, joined a classic literature book club, and obtained a sash full of Girl Scout merit badges.  That year was amazing. 
   What made it even more special was that the following year was the complete opposite.  Fifth grade was a major turning point in my life affecting me to this day.  I became self-conscious, doubted myself, felt “different,” not understood, was told ‘no’ a lot, you can’t make a living being creative, and that pesky little voice in my head telling me I’m not good enough, turned me into a quiet, introverted, scared kid.  After that I questioned my abilities, who was I to think I could do {fill in the blank}.  I pursued my creative endeavors behind closed doors for fear of rejection and ridicule. 
   All I ever wanted to do my whole life was wake up every morning spending each day being constructively creative in a way that would make a difference in the world as well as inspire others to do the same.  What a wonderful life that would be.
  As I grew up, I succumbed to the pressure of finding a “real job” and being practical.  It took a lot of time and soul searching until I came to the realization that I was being creative with every thought and action.  I have an extensive library of books now about the creative process, still curious but also much better informed.  I never stopped pursuing my creative dreams, evolving from knowledge, understanding, experience and wisdom.  I’m grateful I never lost my passion for connecting to my creative spark. 
   Now I wake up every morning and I’m creative all day, my business is all about the creative process and inspiring others to pursue their creative/life goals, dreams and passions in an environment that promotes support and lets you know, you are not alone in your desire to BE CREATIVE – in your own uniquely YOU way.
   So again, I ask you, how are you BEING CREATIVE?